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Robert Nienaber Marketing Agency

Integrated & Bespoke Marketing Solutions for Brands & Businesses in Windhoek and Namibia

Robert Nienaber Marketing Agency is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in Windhoek, Namibia.

While new to the scene in Windhoek, Robert Nienaber Marketing Agency is the end product of years of experience in the tourism and marketing industries. The Agency is the brainchild of Robert Nienaber in an attempt to incorporate his numerous marketing activities under one banner.

Marketing Services for Windhoek and Namibia

Robert Nienaber Marketing Agency offers a range of online and offline consultancy and management services to brands and businesses throughout Namibia.

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Who We Serve

Team Robert Nienaber is particularly focused on assisting those brands, businesses and individuals who are committed to making a difference in their respective industries, especially by making use of an internet marketing strategy.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Health Care Practitioners and Practices
  • Sports and Fitness Enterprises
  • Food and Beverage Operations, Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets

Our sister company, Suiteres, is geared towards assisting clients in the field of accommodation, while other areas of the hospitality sector are catered to by Robert Nienaber Marketing agency.

Currently, Robert Nienaber and his team are focused on assisting businesses and individuals from their Digital Marketing Agency offices in Windhoek, Namibia and Cape Town, South Africa, and we look forward to extending our services further into Africa and beyond. See a list of our current clients here.

Robert Nienaber Foundation

The Robert Nienaber Marketing Agency donates a portion of its profits to the Robert Nienaber Foundation, which has at its heart the interests of worthy causes in Africa and further abroad.

Grow Your Brand or Business

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Share Your Skills

Similarly, if you are a passionate individual that possesses skills and experience with any of the aforementioned marketing services, and you would like to work with or for the team at Robert Nienaber Marketing Agency, please reach out by completing the contact us form below.

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