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In combination with the business consultancy services that Robert Nienaber and his team offer, through which they are able to assist you in devising a successful brand and business growth strategy, Robert Nienaber and his team are also able to take things a step further and get involved with managing your brand directly themselves.

Robert Nienaber and his team are passionate about assisting individuals who are launching new brands as well as individuals who require their assistance in taking existing brands to new heights.

Robert Nienaber and his team assist you in identifying your unique selling points and then in developing a brand around those unique selling points. Once that is done, they devise a strategy to market and sell your brand and thereafter they assist you in managing your brand and taking it even further for you.

Robert Nienaber and his team are particularly passionate about working with people who believe in themselves and in their brands and businesses, dream big and are as passionate about making a positive difference in this world as what they are, irrespective of what industries they may operate in.

Please contact Robert Nienaber and his team via the contact us form below if you are planning on launching a new brand and would like assistance or if you are currently operating an existing brand and you would like help in taking your brand even further.

At this point in time, Robert Nienaber and his team are mainly focusing on assisting individuals, brands and businesses in South Africa and Namibia, but if you are located elsewhere in the world, and you would also like their assistance, please complete the contact us form below, and they will gladly look into it for you.

Visit the clients page to find out more about the clients that Robert Nienaber and his team are currently assisting.

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