African Travel Guide is a community driven online travel guide that provides potential travelers to Africa and even travelers who are already traveling in Africa with important bits of travel related information about the continent, such as places to see, things to do, places to overnight, places to eat, etc.

Robert Nienaber and his team aims with this travel guide to highlight Africa as a tourist destination. To improve the experience that the traveler has while traveling through continent by improving their access to important information while traveling and to make a positive difference to the continent as a whole. To promote the continent and to grow tourism on the continent.

As stated above, African Travel Guide is a community driven travel guide, meaning that anyone who is involved in tourism on the continent and would like to add additional information to the guide may indeed do so. This includes but is not limited to information about destinations and attractions, accommodation establishments, restaurants, national parks, activities and even cities and towns. But please do take note that all information will be carefully checked before Robert Nienaber and his team will allow it to be published. It must be factually correct and well written.

Please feel free to contact Robert Nienaber and his team if you would like more information about African Travel Guide or if you would indeed like to contribute to the guide.

Please also take note that it is a new guide and additional functionality that may be missing currently will be added as the site grows.

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