About My Dogs

I have 3 very amazing dogs in my life, each very different and very unique from the other. But probably because they are very different, all of my dogs get along very well.

The names of these 3 very amazing animals are April, Lucy and Scott.

April is a mix breed and she was born in Namibia, in, you guessed it, in April, in 2010. We named her April, not just because she was born in April but due to the fact that she came from a farm that belongs to a close friend of mine at the time, and he was also born in April, so we named her April to honor that fact too. April’s mom is a border collie, this we know for sure, but we are not entirely certain who April’s dad is, we think he is a boerbull that lived on a neighboring farm, but we aren’t entirely sure. April is the most dominant of all of my dogs and often bosses the other 2 around. April loves going for drives, walks and playing with her ball.

Lucy is a short-legged Labrador, she was also born in 2010, a few months after April was born. She hails from the beautiful Western Cape in South Africa. Lucy has a very big heart, as most dogs do. She is all about giving love. She loves everyone that she meets. She just wants to make friends and play all of the time. Her and April are like very close sisters and do most things together. April is a bit more independent, but Lucy is very dependent on April. Lucy also loves going for drives, walks and is also very obsessed with her ball.

Scott is the newest member of the pack. We rescued him in the middle of 2017 from a petrol station in a town called Noordoewer in the south of Namibia. He was covered in ticks, was sleeping outside and living off of scraps that people either gave to him or that he managed to pull out of the rubbish bins. I knew that if he was left alone there, that he would not survive for much longer. He is still very scared of humans and other animals, and you can see that he was treated very badly. He has a few scars on his face, a big scar on his chest and he limps from a fractured leg that has now healed. There is no way to tell for sure but the vet thinks that he was about 3 years old at the time that we rescued him. My intention was to surrender him to a local animal shelter but after he stayed with us for a few days, I just could not bring myself to surrender him. As with most animals, give them love, care and attention, and they will blossom into the most wonderful beings. This is exactly what happened with Scott.

April, Lucy, Scott, my son and I all care very deeply for all other domestic animals in Namibia and further afield, and we know that because domestic animals  cannot speak for or help themselves, that we need to speak for and help them. As such, we publish articles and opinion pieces to try raise awareness about issues that effect domestic animals, we contribute towards worthy domestic animal causes and we raise funds for domestic animal causes via the Robert Nienaber Foundation.

To assist us with making even more of a difference for domestic animals in Namibia and further afield,  please donate to the Robert Nienaber Foundation by clicking on the donate button below. Every little bit helps, no matter how small:

Help us help domestic animals in need in Namibia!

Thank you for taking the time to read about April, Lucy and Scott and about how you can assist us to help domestic animals in need.

More information about why domestic animals in Namibia need assistance to follow shortly! 


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