Why Business and Businesses Matter – Big and Small

It may seem odd to question whether businesses matter but few of us think about the huge contributions businesses make to the world in general. We’re not just talking big business either. Small businesses make big contributions to their communities and to the bigger picture too.

Here are 10 reasons why business and businesses are so integral to the world today –

  1. Businesses Create Employment

Business generates employment – the first and most obvious reason that makes business important! The money generated from employment supports families, extended families and other businesses and industries in turn.

When people are earning an income, they can look after themselves better, save for their retirement and support community initiatives. They have money to spend with other businesses, which helps their local economy to grow and thrive.

  1. Businesses Give Meaning

Having a meaningful occupation to fill their time gives people a reason to rise and shine in the morning. Daily tasks present challenges which must be overcome and can provide the satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

In this way, businesses help to improve their employees’ self-confidence and sense of self-worth. This improves their ability to deal with challenges in a constructive manner and thus benefits their interpersonal relationships too.

  1. Businesses Share

Many successful businesses support worthy causes in their communities. Not only does this directly help the recipients, but it also helps employees to feel like they are part of something worthwhile.

By helping those in need, businesses help them to get back on their feet, therein making a meaningful contribution to society by paying it forward.

When businesses adopt environmentally-friendly initiatives, they create awareness of these issues and what can be done about them.

  1. Businesses Educate

Indirectly, businesses pay for the education of their staff’s children. The school fees that their employees pay from their salaries contributes towards keeping schools open and functioning.

In a more direct fashion, businesses contribute to continued education and knowledge of their workers as they go about learning more skills daily. Many businesses also help their employees to further their careers through training and by gaining experience.

  1. Businesses Pay Tax

Not only do businesses pay tax on their earnings, but they also contribute to the country’s coffers by generating sales. These sales also attract taxes such as GST or VAT, which go towards government initiatives.

  1. Businesses Provide Meaningful Services

Businesses exist because there is a need for them, or they wouldn’t last very long. There will always be a need for people to purchase commodities as well as luxuries. In this way businesses make our lives easier and more comfortable.

  1. Businesses Offer Solutions

Entrepreneurs are innovative by nature. By coming up with new ideas and products, business people contribute value to society. The process is ongoing with businesses constantly striving to, and succeeding at, coming up with easier and better ways to do things.

  1. Businesses Create Growth

Business grows business by inspiring others to follow suit and open up their own businesses. They provide the raw materials and services that other businesses need to thrive and grow and also encourage new suppliers to open up in their area. As these businesses grow, the local and national economy grows with them.

  1. Business Grows Communities

Wherever there is employment, there will be a community surrounding it. Mining is an excellent example of this. Entire communities have sprung up encircling and depending on mining operations and businesses.

In this way business brings people into one place to work and play close together. Where there are communities, infrastructure must follow – meaning more schools, hospitals, banks and other service businesses.

  1. Business Encourages Cultural Understanding

People who work in the same place have common ground, regardless of their background. By means of business, people from different cultures who might never have met can get to know and understand each other better. By creating dialogue and mutual understanding between cultures, business can help to create harmony in its environment.

How Does Your Business Matter?

If you own a business, big or small, it is important to bear in mind how far-reaching the effects of your enterprise stretch and how you are or can contribute in a positive way to society and the planet in general.

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