What is Biokinetics?

Biokinetics is the science of movement, making use of exercise to assist with recovery from sports injuries. It involves designing specific exercises to meet the exact sports or lifestyle goals of the client.

Restore, Protect, Enhance

Unlike physiotherapy, biokinetics is not concerned with the hands-on aspects of rehabilitation such as manipulation and soft tissue release. The focus is on prescriptive exercise to improve muscle performance by improving the way that both athletes and members of the public exercise.

The important part is how the exercises are carried out rather than the type of exercises that are done. In this way, biokinetics has both a restorative as well as a preventative function. By learning to use their bodies correctly, patients can experience enormous relief from recurring injuries and note a marked improvement in performance.

Tailor-made Solutions

The exercises are assigned after an intensive assessment of how the patient uses their body and how this can be improved or corrected with specific exercises. Areas of focus include posture, range of motion, flexibility, aerobic work capacity, strength, endurance and power, body composition and cardiac efficiency.

In this way, the patient can benefit from a bespoke exercise program to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

It’s no secret that everyone is unique, and, in this light, it makes sense that a science-based exercise program is often the answer to prevent and resolve niggling injuries. If you keep injuring the same muscle, you must be doing something to place it under abnormal strain.

Biokinetics can tell you where you’re going wrong and what to do about it.

A Better Quality of Life

Biokinetic therapy is a long-term commitment. Ongoing monitoring is imperative in making real time progress. As the patient learns to use their body more effectively, the initial observations no longer apply, and their regime must be adjusted to suit.

With enough patience and dedication, biokinetic therapy can help hone anybody’s body into the equivalent of an efficient, well-oiled machine and pave the way to a better quality of life.

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