Do You Really Know Why People Matter?

So you want to change the world? You aren’t alone – many people want to make the world a better place, and it takes many people to make a change. Yes, we all know that people matter, but here’s the news – all people need to matter, to all of us.

Consider just one aspect of daily life. Do you greet the dustmen and thank them for their service when they collect your rubbish? Do you thank the municipal workers who fix leaks or electrical faults in your street, or the postman who walks miles each day to deliver his bag?

If not, why not? It only takes one service delivery strike for the man on the street to realise the value of those who clean up after us or keep our basic necessities running.

We all need people in every area of our lives and here’s why we need to start treating them like they matter.

Why Your Business Needs People

Richard Branson puts it perfectly in the well-publicised statement, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Your people matter, be they employees or clients.

It’s the plain truth, and those of you who have tried placing more emphasis on nurturing your employees would have seen the results. So how then does this apply to making a difference in the world?

When it comes to human interaction, your business is nothing more than a mini-universe in which everyone plays their role. Your employees each have a role to fulfil in this big picture. If one part of the puzzle is missing, disaster could follow.

Take employee involvement in effective change management. Employees in any industry need to ‘’play nicely with others’’ in order to make sure that the aims of the business and the needs of the clients are met. To do this effectively they need to trust and they need to have a voice.

The interpersonal skills that employees learn at work spill over into their private lives and can have far-reaching effects when it comes to working together towards a greater good.

Companies that work hard to initiate change and make a difference in their communities and further afield, create a culture of giving back and working together among their employees. These lessons are carried forward to their children, who are the future of our planet.

Your customers see you in a whole new light when you operate as an agent of change. They will support your endeavours knowing that your back pocket isn’t the only thing that’s benefitting.

You Have to Take the First Step

People can spot double-standards at a thousand paces. It’s not enough to sit back and throw money at random charities. We need to roll up our sleeves and get active.

For business owners, getting involved is the obvious first step towards change for the better. Employees, family members and community all look to business leaders for direction.

By realising and appreciating the value of all people, regardless of race, colour, creed or any other man-made division, and treating them respectfully, you’ll soon have an army of supporters to help you along the way.

If you want to see change in the world, it starts with you and your views on the people that share your space.

Everyone Can Be an Agent of Change

People are instruments of change. Nature isn’t going to change; the weather isn’t going to change, and global warming most certainly isn’t going to change by itself.

Human beings are behind everything that’s happened to planet earth in our time. We have caused the extinction of species, we have been at war with each other and we have caused racial, sexual and religious segregation. Just as we have caused these negatives, we can undo them. Yet, no one can do it alone.

People have an enormous capacity for a host of positive emotions as well as actions. When you set the differences aside and focus on the whole, we’re all that we have. Working together is the only option that the human race has right now.

By realising the value of yourself as well as other people in your life, you can begin to make the changes you’ve been dreaming about.

Do you envision a world where women are viewed as equals? Do you wish we could create an environment where nature and its creatures are valued and preserved? Do you long for a peaceful, thriving society? You know where to start.

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