Minette Roux and Bailey: Passionate About a Better Life for Great and Small

Despite her many successes, Minette Roux remains a small-town girl with her heart in the right place.

Born in Rustenburg, Minette spent most of her childhood in Krugersdorp and matriculated there.

Always passionate about animals and people, Minette’s first instinct was to become a vet, a yearning which she indulged by injecting her hapless teddy bears with ‘magical water muti’ to safeguard them from harm.

When she wasn’t puncturing stuffed animals with this imaginary potion, she dreamed of owning a large farm one day where any animal in need could live out its days in contentment.

Getting Going

Minette matriculated and made her way to Pretoria to set her master plan towards making a positive difference in motion. Prudently, she soon realized that hopes and dreams will get you nowhere without a plan of action.

Fitness became her go to, giving her the confidence, drive and energy to focus on her goals. It also turned into an all-consuming passion. The realization of just how much confidence she gained when she felt healthy and good about herself made Minette all the more determined to share this with others.

Minette is single-minded in her purpose to share this passion and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It became her goal to help as many people as she can to reach their full potential.

However, not everyone has as much time as they would like to dedicate to their bodies and health. When she stumbled upon the BODYTEC EMS system, Minette quickly realized that this was something that could help those in search of the many benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings – with a time limit!

Going Places

Eager to share the advantages of this quick and easy system, Minette and her sister, Monique, opened a BODYTEC EMS franchise in Centurion’s Grey Owl Shopping Centre during 2014.

This incredible science-based system uses electro muscle stimulation to enhance the advantages of exercise. In this way, a full body workout can be achieved in just 20 minutes.

Now, even the busiest executive can realise their full potential and smash their fitness goals in no time at all. Results come quickly with BODYTEC, which keeps motivation high and boosts confidence. Minette is always delighted to see how her clients bloom thanks to this program.

The system is equally suited to athletes in training or those undergoing rehabilitation. It is highly effective for endurance training too. The best part is that BODYTEC is also an environmentally conscious brand.


No mention of Minette is complete without talking about her dog Bailey. Desperate for a 4-legged companion, Minette kept her heart full helping animal charities. She once gave up her own Valentine’s Day celebrations to spend time giving love and attention to the inhabitants of an animal shelter instead.

When Minette first laid eyes on a 4-day old French bulldog pup now known as Bailey, it was love at first sight. The youngster moved in during December last year and quickly became her constant companion and ally in her attempts to serve both man and animal kind.

Bailey is like a child to her, keeping her amused with his toddler-like antics and friendly ways. Being a ‘French’ Bulldog, he is, of course, crazy about French fries! Minette keeps his waistline trim by including veggies in his diet too. Broccoli is his second favorite treat. Just like Mum, he is a great animal lover, even including cats in his large circle of friends.

If you want to catch up with this dynamic duo, you’ll find them charming all and sundry at the dog park most Sundays, or you can sign up to change your life at BODYTEC Midstream. Watch this space for more news about this rising star on her trajectory with Robert Nienaber brand management services.

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