FASTBOOKING & Suiteres join forces in southern Africa

Fastbooking and Suiteres have partnered in southern Africa to assist independent accommodation establishments and chains in securing more direct bookings. This is relevant at a time when both the larger hotel groups and the online travel agents (OTAs) are squeezing the small guy; the partnership will help these important industry players compete on par in tough times.

They employ 200 people at eight global offices, with a head quarters in Paris, France. They’ve joined hands with 4 000 hotels in 100 countries worldwide, receive 10 million daily requests on their CRS servers and are party to 1.2 million transactions each year. Over the past 18 years, they’ve generated over EU 1.2 billion for their cluster of strategic partner hotels.

They are FASTBOOKING and offer an extensive array of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions to the global hotel industry, while striving to bring the digital traveller to each partner hotel’s physical doorstep. The solutions mentioned above include: a world-class internet booking engine, strategic integration with relevant metasearch engines, similar rate setup options as the OTAs, a cutting-edge campaign manager from which specials can be run and, last but not least, perfect integration with the Siteminder channel manager and/or the INNkeeper property management software.

In tough economic times when hoteliers are growing increasingly passionate about driving direct sales – thereby reducing their reliance on online travel agents – employing the FASTBOOKING software brings a measurable increase in direct sales within the first month of making the investment.

In southern Africa, Suiteres is the company’s official reseller; and also has strategic links to Siteminer and INNkeeper. Focusing its regional clout on integrated marketing solutions for predominantly South African and Namibian accommodation establishments, Suiteres sells on FASTBOOKING’s dynamic software to hoteliers on both a managed and a self-managed package basis; it’s all up to you how hands on you want, or have the time, to be.

In tandem, FASTBOOKING and Suiteres provide tailor-made strategies, ongoing advice of an expert nature and that sought-after increase in bookings generated from your hotel’s very own website.

For more information, please email Suiteres at or visit the Suiteres webpage on this website.